OTT Management and Support

Subheader NOC / SPOC

Broadcast Management

We monitor incoming feeds through SDI and route signals to encoders. We cooperate with live planning, master control, production and playout, ensuring a smooth experience for viewers.



Streamteam performs quality checks on VOD 24/7 and ensures the quality, that audio and images are in sync, that subtitles are present and that everything works as expected.



When receiving error reports or otherwise discover inaccuracies, we solve the problem or dispatch the issue to the correct dev team.


SPOC Function

We're making sure that relevant information reaches the right people, and that everyone is informed in the process.


Ticket Management

To make sure that issues are being handled with efficiency and by the correct teams, we manage the organizations tickets, usually in Jira.


Access Management

Management of user access to our customers internal CMS.


Beta Testing

Quality assurance of apps and websites in stage environments.


CS Cooperation

We are in daily contact with our clients customer services, making sure to report any known issues. If calls and issues ramp up, we publish information on sites and in apps.

Stream management since 2005

Stream Team for OTT and VOD Providers

Our Stream Team manage and monitor OTT services 24/7, with the goal of making sure that the quality exceeds the highest expectations. This includes management and quality assurance of live broadcasts, VOD and the overall service.