Technical support made to scale

#1 Scandinavian Tech Support BPO

Cintech delivers high-performing support services, back office and outsourced helpdesk solutions. We partner with ambitious brands, mainly on the Scandinavian markets, to improve user expericences and make scaling easy.

Born and raised in Sweden

Scandinavian tech support outsourcing partner

From our Scandinavian operations we enable fast growing companies to scale pain-free by producing agile support services.

some reasons

Why Choose Us


We have an
agile approach

Together, we streamline and adjust processes and estimations as the project progresses. As a customer, you don't have to worry about getting stuck in a static production model with fixed costs or a rigid approach.


the same boat

When we take on a project, we enter into a partnership with you. We make sure to share the same goals with a common vision and focus on customer value and cost-effectiveness.


Simple and clear
price model

No unexpected costs. No hard to grasp business models. No surprising price add-ons. We have a simple and transparent pricing model.


Lowest possible
employee turnover

Cintech employees stay, that's a fact. This ensures the highest level of competence in our clients' technologies and processes, as well as client loyalty beyond the ordinary.


technical skills

Since our technicians don't just pass through our support desk as a step in their career, it is possible for us to build long term technical skills in our customers fields and acquire unparalleled understanding of the businesses we support.


Happy employees,
happy customers

We have collective agreement. We work towards gender equality. We provide a good working environment and fair salaries. Therefore, we might not be the cheapest option, but we ensure additional value to your business.

...a proof of our success is our long term relations with our clients